Little Ninjas

Karate Classes for 4-6 Year Olds

Little Ninjas Karate Classes for 4-6 years

Little Ninjas is a great way to introduce young children to martial arts in a safe environment.

Designed for children aged of 4 to 6, classes are 45 minutes long and introduce many of the techniques used in junior karate.

Little Ninja classes are structured to help children improve their fitness, confidence and self esteem through exercise, improved co-ordination and balance. Children learn to follow the rules of the dojo and it is the perfect introduction for Junior Karate.

All Little Ninja classes follow a syllabus and children are given the opportunity to attend gradings every 4 months so they can move through the ranks. All children start off with a white t-shirt and can progress all the way up to black t-shirt. Little Ninjas can transfer to junior karate as soon as they are 6 or they can stay until they are 7. Students who stay with Little Ninjas and achieve their black t-shirt can transfer to our junior karate classes as an orange belt.

Little Ninjas aim to inspire children and produce healthy, confident individuals who can work well in a group and develop strong mental focus. Just like junior karate Little Ninja classes require children to focus on their instructor and to carry out instructions to learn basic karate moves such as how to roll, fall and to work in groups.

All our professional instructors are fully trained, insured, hold First Aid Certificates and enhanced DBS checks.


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