Common questions about TKF

Do I need to pay staight away?
No. All students get their first class free.

If I have previous Shotokan Karate experience can I join at the same grade?
Any student from a shotokan school may continue their training with the TKF as their current grade. We would require proof of that grade e.g a licence book or certificate.

If I have previous martial art experience can I keep my current grade?
We at the TKF know that each training system is very different and at the same time similar to the next. However, when training in a new discipline a student would be required to begin as a white belt no matter their previous level.

How often are gradings?
Gradings are held every 4 months but they are not compulsory, meaning students can progress at their own pace.

Where can I buy a Gi?
The TKF provides embroidered Gi’s that can be ordered at any venue with an average of a 2 week waiting period. Badges are also sold for members who wish to use a Gi from any organisation.

Should I be worried about getting hurt?
Karate is a contact sport, but is done in a very controlled environment. One of the key aspects we teach in Karate is control, so therefore everybody who attends Karate has a good understanding of how to control their techniques when it comes to sparring. Karate isn’t all about sparring as we cover Kihon (basics) and Kata (Form) as part of our syllabus.

How do I know if I’m ready to grade?
In the lead up to gradings, 4 weeks before gradings, the instructors will be able to inform you whether you are ready to grade or not. If you are ready to grade, your training card will have been signed by your instructor which covers the three elements (Kihon, Kata, Kumite) you need to do in order to grade. The number of lessons that you have done over the course of your current grade is taken into account as well.

If I want to compete, how would I go about this?
We hold three club competitions a year which is open to all our members. This is a great way for students to gain experience in a competition environment. We also have TKF Squad trials at the start of the year which means students who are selected would be able to represent TKF at local and national competitions.

Do you have any social media pages?
Yes, we have a Facebook page which is one of the quickest easiest ways to follow us on social media when it comes to upcoming events, recent events, social media competitions, and general posts. We also have an Instagram page which you can follow and a YouTube Channel where you can see plenty of content such as tutorial videos. You can see our Facebook Page HERE and our Instagram Page HERE or simply search @traditionalkaratefitness.

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