On Sunday 25th April, TKF had the pleasure of welcoming kata expert and England Kata Coach, John Gardiner to teach an online session for our lucky students. John brought his technical knowledge and experience of training with a wide range of instructors to TKF.

TKF students were in for a treat when Kata Coach, John Gardiner taught online for a group of very enthusiastic students. John has a wide range of experience and has gone on to become England and British Champion as well as represent England at the WKF World and European Championships. As the current England Assistant Coach, his technical knowledge and wide range of teaching methods stood out.

The course started as standard welcoming all the members who were keen to gain some valuable experience on this course and introduced them to the main man. John took over and warmed up the group quickly and explained certain ways of warming up the muscles as well as your standard static warm ups. Throughout the course, John took simple techniques and was able to pick them apart. The main emphasis was on kime (breathing) and how to stay relaxed until then moment of impact before then relaxing again once the technique has been completed. It then became more interesting when he started adding twists and turns to the techniques. So taking a simple combination like outside block, elbow strike and adding another strike where you had to spin with an elbow strike as soon as you have finished the first elbow strike. This was then incorporated with several open hand strikes as well. As a fun finisher, we attempted it with kicks where the hip rotation played a part in completing the moves. Firstly it was front kick, followed by roundhouse kick, then reverse roundhouse kick and to finish… spinning hook kick! Well, why not?!

It’s such a shame that the current situation doesn’t allow us to have a full course with these great instructors because an hour is just not enough! We will absolutely be welcoming John Gardiner back once we are allowed to have courses face to face. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!