It was not going to be the best start to 2021 that TKF had hoped for when the country had to go into its third lockdown since the introduction of the first lockdown back in March 2020. However, TKF were fully prepared to stay positive and still offer their students some exciting opportunities during this frustrating time. What a better way to start the year by bringing back Welsh National Coach, Matt Stockham for a TKF Online Course.

On Sunday 21st January, TKF held its first event of the year with JKS 5th Dan instructor Matt Stockham who has previously taught for TKF at courses on several occasions. Matt brought his wealth of karate knowledge, bubbly personality and excellent skills online to deliver a course for the TKF students via Zoom.

Matt, mostly known for his old school kumite was able to show why he was the Welsh National Coach showing a wide range of technical drills mostly based around kihon and how to prepare and block whilst turning in different directions. The drills became more intense as he guided the class through the kihon drills explaining the importance of turning your body (facing the direction of which you were going to block) and preparing the block correctly before then moving into said direction and completing the block. The intensity then increased once again when Matt added reverse punch after every block which changed the approach of the drill especially when having to think about which hand should be blocking as well as keeping up with the timing in which Matt was counting. A similar drill was made but with kicks which was challenging especially as everyone is so used to kicking in a specific direction. Kicking in awkward directions was different and challenging but a fun way to execute the kicks we are all used to. The hour flew by, but it wasn’t going to be complete without Matt introducing some kumite drills for the class. Demonstrating great flexibility, Matt showed the different ways to deliver popular kicks which are seen in free sparring bouts. Mainly front leg roundhouse kick, normal roundhouse kick and reverse roundhouse kick were used as part of the core kumite exercises. Counter attacks and quick punches were thrown into the mix as well. To finish off, it was a quick blast through all the kumite drills that were covered and before they knew it, the lesson was over.

As ever, TKF are always grateful to have a wide range of options to choose from top class instructors to invite and deliver a course for our students. TKF would like to thank Matt for joining us and also a big thank you to all the students who took part in the course on the Sunday morning. Until the next course… Oss!


Everyone joins Matt for a post course selfie!