TKF were really lucky to host another online course for our members this weekend, this time popular karate coach Sensei Matt Price returned to teach another TKF Course. Matt has visited TKF several times already and has received plenty of positive feedback from his courses. Teaching online didn’t stop Matt from delivering another brilliant course.

On Sunday 13th September TKF hosted an online course with kumite coach and JKS 6th Dan, Matt Price. We had over 30 people join us online for this course which also included some other clubs who were also affiliates of JKS. The vast majority of the TKF Squad joined online to make the most of the Sunday morning and receive some helpful tips from the current JKS England Squad coach.

Matt started off the course with a quick warm up and stretch, keeping in mind the session was only an hour long, there wasn’t much time hanging around so Matt got straight to it. Starting off with some simple foot work moving forward, backward and sideways, he explained the importance of keeping your hands up the whole time whilst moving. Moving on swiftly to adding punches to the foot movement and using a reaction drill to make things more interesting. With everyone working up a sweat in their own homes and time moving quickly, Matt progressed on to a different exercise which involved working on balance and co-ordination, which any kumite expert would say are key factors to a good fighter. The aim was to balance on one leg while the other leg is raised as if preparing to perform a roundhouse kick and on the beep everyone had to quickly change their legs whilst maintaining good balance and composure. This was made even tougher when Matt added movement and kicks to then exercise. Finishing off with some flamboyant kicking combination and before we knew it, the lesson was over.

Or so we thought! In honour of TKF Instructor Danny Jordan’s 31st birthday, we wrapped up the lesson with 31 celebratory press ups! What a way to finish!