TKF are pleased to announce that several more members have been successful during TKFs private gradings this month.
This year saw the introduction of Private Gradings, which allows students to have a private lesson which is then followed by a grading with the instructor who is present on the day. This gives opportunities to students who possibly couldn’t make any of the gradings during the month or have other reasons which mean they prefer being able to dedicate an hour where they can train and grade at their own pace. The grading still follows the standard procedure as the normal TKF gradings.

We have had several members grade since the beginning of February and have already been mentioned in the blogs which you can find on the earlier blogs of the website. On Monday 17th February, during the half term, saw Metea attempting to grade for her Brown Belt 3rd Kyu under a watchful eye of TKF Instructor Matthew. After covering all three aspects of her grading in the grading, Metea was able to overcome her nerves and successfully pass her Brown Belt.

Later in the week, on Thursday 20th February, Anita was the next student to attempt the climb and take step closer towards black belt. Anita did brilliantly throughout the whole grading despite suffering from injuries in her knees caused by arthritis. This didn’t stop Anita performing to her best and passing her Brown and White Belt 2nd Kyu successfully.

Finally, this weekend saw Lauren and Brooke grade in front of Sensei Jake. Both Lauren and Brooke were attempting to grade for their 1st Kyu after a solid year of training the Brown and White Belt syllabus. Both managed to perform really well and were able to pull off an excellent grading which meant they are now proud owners of Brown and Double White Belts.

A big well done to all.